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Ending the Unlucky Streak

Written by Paul Belmudes   
Sunday, 26 September 2021 08:13

The Old Man and the Sea... Well Not that Old!

It's been a long summer for me as a kayak fisherman with a lot of time on the water with zero pelagic catches under my fishing belt these last 3 months. But Thursday, it changed for me! I'll share that story in a moment...

Today, I was able to watch the movie, "The Old Man and the Sea" based on the book written by Ernest Hemingway. It was Hemingway's last work of fiction to be published in 1951 that turned into a movie starring Spencer Tracy. What a revelation did that story have as I felt the pain Santiago went through. 

"The Old Man and the Sea" opens by explaining that the fisherman, named Santiago, has gone 84 days without catching any fish at all. He is apparently so unlucky that his young apprentice, Manolin, has been forbidden by his parents to sail with the old man and been ordered to fish with more successful fishermen.

Santiago tells Manolin that on the next day, he will venture far out into the Gulf to fish, confident that his unlucky streak is near its end. And like a good story, Santiago had a change of luck with a courageous 3 day battle hooking up a huge 18 foot marlin only to have it eaten by sharks as he brings it back to his fishing village. After watching this movie, I have decided to make time and read, "The Old Man and the Sea."

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Time For Some Action!

Written by Paul Belmudes   
Tuesday, 21 September 2021 06:52


YakHawaii's Summer Drought of 2010

Just want to give a shout out and let you know that I've had nothing to write about this past summer on fish catches. Probably why they call it fishing.  I have not hooked up any pelagics in the last three months and I did take the month of August off from kayak fishing as a mental break trying to figure why I have not been hooking up... but nothing has changed so far in September!

Just wanted to share my status to my readers. If anyone has something to say and wants to write an article, let me know. I can use the help with a great story.

Will be kayak fishing this week on September 22nd & 23rd. And I also want to thank Tom, aka "Griz" from Aquahunters for taking the photo of me under sail this last week when we made a go of it with no success. Tight lines and my time will come soon as I keep on trying! Aloha.

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Rule 500 GPH Electric Bilge Pump

Written by Paul Belmudes   
Wednesday, 11 August 2021 18:08

How To Pump Out Water By Using An Electric Bilge Pump

41nlohkjh4l._sl500_aa300_A few months ago, I had a scary experience in rough swells that caused my Hobie Revolution kayak to take on water in the hull. After careful study on the web to find a solution, I decided to install an electric bilge pump using the model of installation taken from YakAss.Net website written by Holger. I have provided a link to the source and want to say thanks to Holger for making it simple for me.

The installation took less than 30 minutes and looks to be very sound. The reason for choosing an electric bilge pump installation was quite simple. There is absolutely no time to pump out water with an open hatch when out at seas with large swells coming overboard. In calm water situations, taking on water by a small leak, a regular bilge pump would work fine. But since I already had the 12 volt battery installed for my fish finder, I decided that an electric bilge pump would be more practical. Let me tell you why!

Let's say that you experienced 8-10 foot swells that were crashing overboard. Do you think it's possible to hand or foot pump a regular bilge pump inside the hull without taking on more water with your 8 inch hatch open? You probably would sink faster. And if you are 2 miles out, you are going to have a serious safety problem as it might not be possible to make it back to shore. Would you rather be paddling back to shore without being in a stationary position pumping water out of the hull? I know for a fact that the hatch covers on a Hobie Revolution are not 100% seal proof under rough conditions. In Hawaii, the weather can change in a 15 minute time frame from smooth conditions to rough and you must be prepared. And for myself, I do not want to repeat the same experience I had 2 months ago in Hilo, thus the reason for my installation. Here's a link to the story.31t31bx3qml._sl160_aa160_

This installation is an easy solution and I was lucky enough to purchase every part needed at a marine supply shop in Honokohau Harbor.  And since I had the battery installed in my rear hatch, the component purchase was minimal at about $70. I have included the part list if you decide to do the installation yourself. Remember... safety is priceless!

Parts Needed 

  • Rule 500 GPH Marine Bilge Pump
  • Battery 12V
  • 2.5 Amp Sealed Fuse
  • 2 Feet 3/4” Hose 
  • 2 Hose Clamps 3/4”
  • 3/4" Thru Hull Connector (Straight)
  • 3/4” Plug
  • Sealed SPST Toggle Switch
  • 9 Feet Stranded 18 Gauge Wire
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Wire Connectors
  • Marine Grade Sealant
  • Dielectric Silicone Compound{mos_fb_discuss:5}

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Big Island "Pelagic Pursuit" Kayak Fishing Tournament

Written by Paul Belmudes   
Friday, 30 July 2021 21:44

Formerly known as the Yak Attack, this tournament will incorporate new changes to the categories and the rules.

boogiemahi2_000The P and P Kayak "Pelagic Pursuit" Kayak Fishing Tournament will be taking place August 14th and 15th. Here are some of the details for "Pelagic Pursuit" tournament...

Kayak fisherman are welcome to fish at any location around the Big Island that they choose. For those who are time challenged, you're welcome to compete on a single day as long as you can bring your catch to the weigh-in on Sunday Aug 15th from 3:30-5:30 pm at the P and P Kayak retail store.

Traveling without kayak? Or interested in entering but don't yet own a kayak?  You're in luck. Enter the tournament (both inshore and offshore) and get a free XT Angler kayak rental for the weekend. Available for first time tournament entrants only. There is limited availability, so don't delay to enter!

In the Open class (Which is now the only class), there will be two kayak fishing categories, one for those catching the Inshore Fish species and a 2nd category for those going after the Pelagic Species. Entrants can enter one or both categories. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three anglers in each category. The Open Class, entry fees for the tournament are $40 for a single category and $65 for both inshore and offshore categories. Early entrants (before Aug 7th) will receive an early entry discount, $35 for one category and $55 for both categories. One big rule change is that the Pro entrants (previously only allowed in Pro), as well as motorized Kayaks (3hp cap), will now be permitted to enter the Open Class. In our recent tournaments we've seen that the pros have rarely been able to surpass all the Recreational Anglers in performance so there is certainly no guarantee that they will be the ones taking down the top cash prizes. Motorized kayaks will be allowed for this tournament. They will be having to overcome a 10% handicap. If the fish weigh in at 50 pounds, they will only be credited as a 45 pound catch.

Cash Prizes of $500 for 1st, $200 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd will be awarded for each division, Pelagic and Inshore. Another change to the tournament… P & P will be raffling off an Angler Kayak at the weigh in. All entrants (except the 1st place winners) will be eligible to win the kayak, but you must be present at the weigh in to win.

All entrants will receive a T-Shirt with soft drinks and pupu's being served during the weigh-in hours, Sunday from 3:30-5:30pm at the P and P Retail store.

The heaviest fish in each category will be scored. If by some stroke of incredible fortune that you manage to haul in the biggest fish in both the inshore and Pelagic categories (it's never happened yet), only the largest fish would count for one $500 1st place prize.. You could still be eligible to win the $200 prize in the other category, but only a single $500 cash payout per entrant.

All entrants catching fish and wanting to win a prize must show up during those weigh-in hours on Sunday from 3:30-5:30pm to be eligible for awards. Weigh-in cut off time will be strictly enforced as it has been in the past. Sea Life not allowed will be Eels, Turtles, Rays, Sharks, and Marine Mammals. Fish Only! Fishing must be accomplished from a kayak though you are free to fish at any location around the Big Island that you choose. No assistance from motor boats (other than fishing from an electric or small outboard (3hp cap) powered kayak) is allowed. State Law must be obeyed. Kayakers must have a PFD and whistle on board while fishing in the tournament

All fish must be caught by rod and reel from a kayak. No night fishing is allowed during the Tournament. No previously frozen or rotten fish allowed. The weigh-in time will be strictly observed. Fish as late as you like, but make the weigh-in deadline on Sunday.

The category for Inshore fish will be comprised of Ulua, Kahala, O'milu, Kagami, Kaku, Uku, Kumu, Aha and all reef fish such as Roi, Palani or Kal. The Offshore Category will be comprised of Ahi, Mahimahi, Ono, Aku, Kawakawa, Spearfish and any other Billfish. Any species caught but not listed above will be classified by the contest officials.

Tournament Prizes sponsored by: Ocean Kayak and plentypupule.com (Plenty Pupule Kayaks)

Entry Forms and Waivers will be available at the P and P retail store... or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll email you a PDF or the entry forms/rules that you can print out. Permission granted to use promotional information from plentypupule.com website.{mos_fb_discuss:5}


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