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Monthly Moon Phase

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 02 October 2021 23:33

Many Kayak anglers overlook the phases of the moon and the way that these phases affect the behavior of the fish. By paying of attention to the phases of the moon and then using this information, you will have an advantage when fishing.

Understanding how fish adapt to changes in their environment allows a kayak angler to better predict a fishes' movement and feeding. Finding out when a fish is feeding is what we're interested in, because that's when you have the best chance of catching.

The two phases of the moon that we as kayak anglers really need to concern ourselves with is the New Moon and the Full Moon. The New Moon phase is when the moon isn't actually visible, and the Full Moon is entirely visible. The most important times are the three to four day period that coincides with either the Full or New Moon. That is, the three to four day period around which these two phases of the Moon occur. These are the 2 times during the month when the fish will be most active.

Simply focusing your fishing efforts on the three or four days around which either a full or new moon occurs will have a dramatic effect on your catch rates.

Daily Moon Phase


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