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It's July... Where Have All the Fishy Gone?

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 16 July 2021 19:33


Makahiki Day 12 and 13 Report.

Here I am, half way through the Aquahunter Makahiki tournament and I feeling like a newbie out there fishing. Second guessing where I am fishing, what I am doing in rigging and how I am tracking when trolling so that I will have the right opportunity to hook a pelagic. It's July, the premier month of pelagic action in the heart of Hawaii. I have spent countless hours prepping for the right moment of action, only to have these last two outings produce a blank. No bites, no nibbles and definetly no results.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve a strike? After having success this last fall and winter, I felt like I could go out every time and catch a pelagic. But when I hit the month of March of this year, I have fallen flat on my face only to have a twenty-five percent catch to fishing days ratio with very few pelagics on the score book. I guess I need to continue doing what I did in the past and hopefully my luck will change. I still enjoy going out there no matter how much preparation I put into this sport. I truly love kayak fishing here in Hawaii, but I am feeling the biggest dissapointment of production... especially when having to write or shoot a video for YakHawaii.

Yes I do feel the pressure, but the passion is still there no matter what the outcome is. So for day 12 and 13, I have nothing to report but time on the water. Next week, maybe I will have a different story. On the plus side, an old fishing friend I met 2 years ago has arrived on the Island of Hawaii full of passion and the right attitude to catch the pelagic. Maybe his enthusiasm will put the fire underneath me to give me the momentum swing I need. Time will tell and I look forward to my next outing. Stay tuned and tight lines. Aloha!{mos_fb_discuss:5}


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