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1   Link   Yakabout
Yakabout was founded by Josh Holmes (AKA Yakass) that began as an online journal for a solo Australian kayak fishing expedition and has steadily evolved into a digital shrine to the sport of Kayak fishing. With an Australian focus, the aim of this website is to share and archive any kayak fishing related information & resources in an interesting and informative way, helping to educate those that are new to the sport (and perhaps inspiring those that aren't).
2   Link   The Kayak Fishing Web Site
In 1997, Kayakfishing.com became the first kayak fishing web site and has gone on to bring thousands of new anglers to the sport from all around the world. Today, the site is visited by hundreds of new readers every day.... many return to The CKF Forums, a nest egg of kayak fishing information.
3   Link   Kayak Sportfishing
Kayak Sportfishing has been online since 2001 spreading the kayak fishing gospel through first hand experiences and informative content. Their community is an active hub for newcomers and seasoned kayak anglers alike.

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