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1 month ago
Elgas replied to the topic Re:Safety a good place to start in the forums.
hey guys just quick reminder to practice your huli... you never know when you will end up in the water... can you huli and then preform a solo re-entry to a kayak.. you really need to know where you stand on this.

today i was doing some training.. I took a 53 year old man who was 250 pounds down from 335. he wanted to go fishing.. but i recomended a lesson first... sure glad i did.. our main goal in a lesson is for the client to hui in deep water and for them to preform a re-entry.. we started in calm shallow water and did the huli but this guy could not get on for the life of him... he struggled and struggled.. so i had to preform an assisted rescue... with out me there he would have never got back on.. i could not believe how hard i had to pull to get him up... after that i let go and iut took him a long time to get back on the seat..

so it is good to know where you stand... can you get back on after a huli by yourself... if you cant you shpould never be out there alone.. its very wise for even the season kayak angler to practice the huli everynow and then.. practice in calm shallow water... practice in rough deep water... practice with some heavery stuff lashed on to simulate kayak gear. and practice with a friend because what happens if you cant get back on the yak.. lastly practice the assisted rescue beacuse we never know when we will get caught up in some nasty sh@t or will have tpo help someone else sometime. always remeber safety first before anything else in kayak fishing.. aloha
Jun 26
Elgas, Elgas replied to the topic Re:Safety a good place to start in the forums.
I am a big fan of a fully equipped life vest.. and i wear it all the time..
Jun 25