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I'm new to fishing in Hawaii, but I built my first kayak when I was a kid and fished from it right away in the midwest. The Pacific Ocean is a different beast, but I'm learning as quickly as I can and having a blast.

My Nimbus is only temporary, until I build a a SOT fishing machine of my own design.
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1 week ago
DriftingSon replied to the topic Re:It's July... Where Have All the Fishy Gone? in the forums.
I feel your pain, brother. I think we are just putting in our time to pay some dues, and then the thing is going to break wide open. I've lost track of the number of fishless days I've had for the past month, but I still love the feeling of just being out there. We'll find them again...
Jul 16
1 month ago
DriftingSon replied to the topic Re:My First Sail on the Hobie Revolution in the forums.
Sailing kayaks do look like a lot of fun, but no way I can afford one right now. I do have plans to build one of these, though, as soon as I clear a few other projects out of my shop. That will pull a few lures at speed!

You still can't beat a simple kayak for quickly getting a guy and gear out in the water. It's really as minimal as you can get for blue water fishing, but yet nearly as effective for landing a fish as any other craft.

C2Y- I'd be happy to stand in for your wife on the AI any time! No need go solo.
Jun 01
I think I'm going to try a double hook on each side, with shorter leader. Hopefully the hooks just sort of look more like fins sticking out to the fish.

Thanks for the kind words- I'd be interested in writing something for the site, for sure. Just need to find a topic.

I'd like to fish over there with you too- we go to Ke`ei a few times a year with friends who have a house there, and maybe we'll get a chance soon now that school is out. That would be a great spot to go out (another great launch spot, Pueo).
May 28
DriftingSon replied to the topic Re:BIG ISLAND LAUNCH SPOT WISH LIST in the forums.
Punalu'u, on the south side is the only one I might add. Ka'alu'alu is an awesome weekend trip (just east of South Point, but long 4wd road with three gates. But even if the trades are cranking, the bay is sheltered behind a long point, with plenty deep water to get to in the middle of it.
May 28
2 months ago
I copied your rig and gave it a try on Tuesday- I guess I did it right, as I had a 4-5 ft ono up to the boat before he shook the hook. I was boosting him hard the whole time, as the conditions had turned nasty and needed to get out of there. The only thing I did differently on my rig was use the little cut-off wires from the haywire twists to wrap around the double hook shank instead of twine or floss. Seems to be quite secure.
May 26
DriftingSon added a new comment on the video Hawaii Pelagic Rig Setup for Trolling
This is awesome info for a someone new to the sport- thanks very much!
May 21