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Originally from Oahu but moved to Hilo in '07 where my wife was born and raised. Fishing from a kayak is not exactly new to me since my first time fishing from a kayak dates back over 10 years. But, kayak fishing in big island waters with new methods, new friends, and a chance of catching a pelagic is. Aloha!
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Tandem Adventure Island

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www.islandshorecasters.com (old site where it began)


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kayak fishing = eco fishing
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1 week ago
cliffs2yak replied to the topic Re:It's July... Where Have All the Fishy Gone? in the forums.
I feel your pain. Getting a little distracted with the new sailing kayak and haven't really been scoring any pelagics lately. Yesterday's launch from Leleiwi proved unproductive fishing wise. But very productive sailing wise since I was able to launch from the rocks for the first time and able to successfully tack back to the Leleiwi launch site against strong winds. Much more comfortable now to take an opposite bearing away from the shelther of Hilo Bay.

I figure no sense forcing the fish to bite and focus on other enjoyments of being in the water. No worries beef curries, keep your lines in the water and the bite will come...


Jul 19
cliffs2yak replied to the topic Re:Swells, Challenges and the Mirage Drive Plug in the forums.

Thanks for the info regarding the drive well plugs. Been out in 8'+ seas outside of Leleiwi on a P15. Tried going back to the launch site but the water was covering my hatch and seating area way to often as I headed back into the waves. Hatch seal had some tears and my scuppers were the older and smaller diameter ones and not draining water as fast. Not feeling comfortable with the situation, I decided that it was best to ride the swells back into Hilo Bay and call the wifey for a pickup.

I was initially thinking that an empty drive well would work as a big scupper hole and allow the water to drain faster. But it now seems like another way for water go the other way and flood the seating area. Adding drive plug to the safety bag.


Jul 14
1 month ago
cliffs2yak replied to the topic Re:Kayak Sailing the TI C2Y in the forums.
Pueo, I hear you in regards to the checkbook. My previous yaks were given to me or I've purchased them used. And so this purchase ended up being a lot for my recreation budget. But for what it offers: being able to share the stoke with my wife, and meeting a wish list after a few years of kayak fishing outside of Hilo. It works.

Driftingson, I can imagine you being able to build one and you're more that welcome to inspect the design and rigging. Being able to build one so that you can incorporate a Mirage Drive and make it weigh a quarter as much would be simply amazing. I have some experience building surfboards and so have some experience working with fiberglass and epoxy. But if you can combine the attributes of an oc-2 and a TI...

YakHawaii, I usually have more free time on the weekends; but, if you're willing to wake up early, wouldn't mind a morning pedal and sail back to replace my morning runs. Pedaling is better for my knees than running.

Will be heading overseas for work the last two weeks of this month but will be back early July and will post when I'm headed out again.


Jun 02
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Jun 01
cliffs2yak replied to the topic Re:My First Sail on the Hobie Revolution in the forums.

I have to give you credit for going through all the trouble of engineering a sailing option for your kayak. Being new to sailing, thought it was best for me to get one that's already engineered and put together and was considering a Hobie Adventure Island. But, the introduction of the Tandem Adventure Island couldn't have come at a better time. I was also shopping for a tandem kayak for my wife and I; then one comes along with a sailing option. I was sold.

As you already know, I've taken my Tandem Adventure Island out for her maiden voyage this past Saturday and had to sail solo since my wife was out of town. But, what an amazing feeling it was to be able to co-exist with a natural force to help you along. I experienced the same feeling of elation when I caught my first wave. I was stoked! Despite being rigged up for fishing, it took a back seat and it ended up being all about the ride.

Hope to take the TI out more this year and will post my experiences. Stay tuned!

Jun 01
3 months ago
cliffs2yak, cliffs2yak replied to the topic Re:Kayak Fishing Magazine - Issue 28 in the forums.

Grandpa! Congrats again for finding a few more "fishing" buddies.


Despite being on a kayak over 10 years back, it was still more of opportunity than dedicating the entire day to kayak fishing. I'm still considered a newbie when it comes to kayak fishing. Especially on the BI where the waters are new to me. But I'm thankful some old methods are still good on the BI and there's a new found community sharing the same interests.

Apr 17
got it!


Apr 11

I'm glad to be a member of the kayak fishing community and this site. I'll be sure to share my experiences here. Most of my pics where made from my waterproof phone; but, I'm hoping to get a waterproof camera this year so that I can take some video content.

Stay tuned,

Apr 08
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Apr 06
cliffs2yak kayak fishing = eco fishing
Apr 06