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Bottom Fish Kahala (Amberjack)

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 09 April 2022 06:42

Five Miles of Trolling With No Action, Moved to the Bottom

Hit the water this morning with my fishing buddy Chris Finch and his friend Ryan. Chris has not been on the water since last September, so this was a special day for me. We both started kayak fishing together in 2006 and it brought back some good times as I saw him stretch his wings with the paddle and rod. Unfortunately, the top surface action of trolling did not provide us with the results we wanted. So we chose the alternative, the bottom.

Dropping down to 420 feet, my rod bent down and I had a hook-up. It felt big at first with the initial fight it gave me, but the fish succumbed and rose to the surface quite easily. Moving my video cameras into place, I was able to get some decent shots of the Amberkack known as a "kahala" in the Hawaiian language.


Not really much to say about the fight it gave me, almost disapointed to catch this fish after landing an ono a few days ago. But nonetheless, it was a fish. I probably feel this way because kahala's are known to have worms that look like ramen. So there goes my excitement! I'm not knocking amberjack down, I hear they have great recipes for amberjack, but that thought that was put in to my mind can't be removed until I see someone else fillet one and cook it up. I'll try it if it is presented to me! And maybe I'll change my mind. 

However, it gave me something to write about today and a not to shabby video to edit. I enjoyed fishing with Chris and Ryan and look forward to kayak fishing with them in the future. Hoping to hit the waters next week with Reggie. Enjoy the video. Aloha!