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Fish Finder Transducer & Battery Mounting

Written by Paul Belmudes
Monday, 05 April 2022 04:48

Mounting the Humminbird Fish Finder Transducer and Battery to your Kayak

Are you installing a Humminbird transducer and battery? Do you want to avoid the "marine goop" or "epoxy" and looking for an alternative way of installation without making holes in your kayak? Well here are a couple of solutions that I use on my Hobie Revolution that have solved my transducer and battery mounting. These methods have been working for 7 months without failure, problems I had previous to following these solutions. The transducer video is provided by CaptDick.net, the online store where I purchased the transducer mounting kit for my Humminbird 343c fishfinder. The installation is pretty much self explanatory. I chose to install it on the flat surface under my seat. If for any reason you run out of grease and need to add more, Humminbird support said that "marine grease" or "axle grease" can be used as a replacement becuase they don't ship additional tubes if you have to remount.


My 343c fish finder will give great read outs to a depth of around 600 feet using this inside the hull mounting. It has never popped out of place because the transducer adheres to the grease with great suction and security by the velcro strap... even when throwing my kayak upside down when transporting my kayak over rough terrain. Here's a photo of my mount under the seat.

As for mounting the battery. I purchase an additional Hobie gear bucket and use the rear hatch to store my 12-volt battery.  An X-acto knife was used to cut out the center rib and a Minnkota waterproof circuit breaker was purchase to use as my fuse. I extended the wiring and I am very happy with the use of the rear hatch for the battery storage. Here's a photo of the finished installation of the 12-volt battery.