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No Secrets Here... Learn How YakHawaii Makes His Trolling Rig

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 19 March 2022 06:42


Want to Catch a Toothy Critter?

With the weather being so crazy these last four weeks and lack of new video footage of catches, I put together this short video on how I rig my hooks for catching mahi, ono and shibi. There will probably be some critics who will say that I don't know what I am doing. But you have to ask yourself the question... "Am I catching pelagic fish here in Hawaii?" If you answered "yes" to this question, there is probably no need to watch the video unless you are curious on what I do. No secrets here! Do what is working for you. Hey maybe make a video and upload it to YouTube and I will post an article for you on YakHawaii. The more information to help those who seek more knowledge on Hawaii kayak fishing, the better! But if you answered "no" to the question, watch the video. Pick up a tip or two. I have adapted what was taught to me by one of the best kayak anglers on the Big Island of Hawaii and his name is Reggie Pare'.

Better yet, order a 75 minute DVD video of big game yak fishing tips titled, "Kayak Fishing - Hawaii" made by Reggie as he guides you to his past successes. This video will get you started with great fishing tips and thrill you with exciting big game catches. In one of his chapters, he comes up too close for comfort with a whale shark. Visit his website at http://web.me.com/kpare/Kayak_Fishing/Kayak_Fishing_DVD.html. Reggie does not know I am plugging him, but he is one quality kayak fishing buddy. And after watching his video, you will know Reggie better and it will help you understand Kayak Fishing in Hawaii. This morning, we fished together and every time we go out on the hunt, it's so much fun, even if we don't hook up!

Well anyways, I hope you enjoy my video and if you have the time and want to fish the Big Island with me, let me know! Maybe we can make this happen. {mos_fb_discuss:26}