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Get In the Picture with XShot 2.0 Kayak Mount

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 26 February 2022 05:56

Product Review for Mounting a Waterproof Video Camera

Just wanted to make you aware of a bundled product that I've been using for the last month. It's called the XShot 2.0 and XShot Kayak Mount. XShot is the maker of a camera extender that allows you to get in the picture with a background when you have no one else to take the photo. My video will pretty much tell you what it's all about. Even though it's not saltwater proof, I still recommend this as a substitute for a tripod or monopod because of its extending capabilities to 36 inches. It's built solid and allow full 360 degree of rotation on the RAM mount.

It can be purchased directly from their website at www.xshotpix.com. My suggestion is to get it bundled together for the retail price of $54.95 plus shipping.




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