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Aquahunters Makahiki 2010 Competition

Written by Paul Belmudes
Tuesday, 02 February 2022 05:17

Follow the 25 Day Kayak Fisherman's Journey over 8 Months...

Wanted to shout out to my readers that I've entered the Aquahunters Makahiki 2010 competition. It will be held over the next 8 months covering 25 days of kayak fishing, ones that I carefully choose over this period of time.

If you want more information on this event, please visit Aquahunters (www.aquahunters.com). This site is highly recommended for your daily kayak fishing read featuring valuable information on kayak fishing the Hawaiian waters. As a new year resolution that I've made, I've committed myself to be more involved in our kayak fishing community for the State of Hawaii meeting new anglers and understanding the resources and respect for our ocean resources.

Even though this is a competition, it's going to be great fun to share a few laughs with fellow anglers and gain better fishing skills. The short video trailer above will be my introduction trailer for my future videos covering this competition. Not only will you get great videos with my updated video editing capabilities on my new iMac, you will learn about me and get into my mind, body and spirit through this competition.

As I mentioned above, visit the Aquahunters website for more information and if you feel you are up to the challenge, enter the competition yourself and maybe you will become the 2010 Aquahunters Makahiki champion. It's open to all Hawaii kayak fisherman new or polished. Aloha.


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