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Positive Affirmations

Written by Paul Belmudes
Saturday, 06 August 2021 03:29

Delivering on a Promise for my Mother-in-law

Honokohau repeat performance this last Wednesday.  I made it out to Honokohau Harbor again hitting the same spot where I came across the mahi school. Just before I left for my launch location, I promised my mother-in-law to fulfill her request to land an ono. Low and behold, I hooked up the ono thirty minutes into the morning after setting out. Actually... I was real lucky and all things worked out. I call it possitive affirmation as I said, "I will get an ono this morning" and it did come true. Also in the video, I did throw out a plug for the chin weights I have been using this year by Barefoot Fishing for my trolling rigs. Take advantage of this great fish hook made by Tim as he provides an excellent product with exceptional delivery of product. The chin weight speaks for itself in my last two videos. Here is a link to his website. Enjoy the video.