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Productive Fishing Area

Written by Paul Belmudes
Saturday, 06 August 2021 03:03

Honokohau Harbor

Having not fished much this year, I have really been selective of the areas I choose based on the cost of fuel. Last year I concentrated on fishing the south side of the big island giving me the pleasure of discovering some of the most beautiful areas of the island. Trade winds have been strong this year which has limited the north side. A few weeks ago, I had a tip on Honokohau Harbor just north of Kailua-Kona. I won't be specific to the area, but I watched and studied the area where the charter boats have been fishing in the Hawaii International Billfish Tournament. They were giving the coordinates by grid names.

I also understood that it was very possible to catch live bait out of the harbor. After opening up the bellies of my latest catches... the opelu is the treat that the mahi and ono desire. Not new news for us kayak fisherment on the island, but if you study the great kayak anglers of Hawaii, you'll start to notice what works and what does not. It's been five years of trial and error and finally I am very happy with my setup and the storage space the Hobie Oasis provides. But mostly I have been lucky to be fishing in an area that has some hungry pelagic waiting for my line. I guess I'll know more in the following weeks during the peak time of the fishing season here in Hawaii.

Well anyway, I want to show my latest videos if you have not seen them yet on YouTube. I apologize for not keeping up the YakHawaii site. I am going to be making changes in the near future as the design of this site was made a couple of years ago for the contribution of my members to help build a community of Hawaii Kayak Anglers. What I realize is that the readers of YakHawaii just want info and rarely does not want to contribute. It's not as fun anymore and does take up a lot of time to maintain YakHawaii and fight off the hackers who always seem to find pleasure in bringing down good sites. So expect changes for the better with better information on where to fish on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha!