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Hobie Oasis Tandem Kayak Fishing

Written by Paul Belmudes
Thursday, 07 April 2022 01:44

Working Out The Space "Two Fish" Together on a Kayak

Just had the time between work, my family and a day of fishing to throw together a new video since the tsunami hit our island last month. On the day of the warning, we were lucky to celebrate an evening grey snapper dinner ... the calm before the storm.

On our last trip, our destination was Keauhou. Not much surface action to speak about... but we did have the time to drop an opelu 450 feet down to hook up an amberjack. Enjoy the action as we throw in a few sound bites of the tsunami broadcast we recorded as we evacuated Manuka Bay. Fishing together as a tandem is interesting as we are deciding who will have the outside lines and the lines down when fishing from a small craft. So far... Chris has been the one with a fish on the end of the line as I navigate the waters of the Big Island of Hawaii. {mos_fb_discuss:5}


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