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Zipping Up the Video with Kaku

Written by Paul Belmudes
Friday, 24 December 2021 05:54

South Point Rained Out... North to Milloli'i

It's the week before Christmas and looking for a dry launch... decided to head south to South Point where the winds were below 5 mph. Sounds good so far... right? Well not exactly! The rain was off shore on the point coming down hard. The wind mills were not moving at all and the 2 hour drive to one of my favorite fishing spots came to an end. Flipping a u-turn on Highway 11... I decided to head back up to Milloli'i where it looked favorable without rain as I drove down to South Point.  Taking the 5 mile drive down mauka on the Milloli'i turn, the view was incredible with fishing boats heading south, a great indication for action. I was hoping the lunar eclipse had some kind of effect on the bite!

As I pulled up to the cove where I normally launch from, I could see the local fishermen seeking opelu 20 fathoms out. My plan for the day was to troll and not worry about catching bait as I had six delicious new pieces of dead bait with me. I was also going to try a new fishing hook setup that I recently put together with the help of a new online tackle supplier.  I was fully loaded at 8:30 am and I paddled out before I dropped in my mirage drive pedals in my Oasis. Once I had the pedals secured, I made my way to the 30 to 40 fathom mark and headed south with the current.

What a gorgeous day out on the water. I was making zig zags and circles to keep me from going to far south with hopes of not getting caught up with the current. I had some strikes within the first 30 minutes. I came over a school of fish 60 to 80 feet down about 2 to 3 feet in length. I was on top of some baracuda when my spinning reel went zzzzzz. I calmy reeled in my main line as I was trolling with 2 lines this morning. The fish run was so light that I knew I had a small one on the line... but nonetheless, with no fish on my lines the last 3 weeks, I decided to video the catch even if it was a small one. Sorry that it was not as exciting as some of my other videos... so I decided to give some bonus footage to showcase one of the recent activities I did on the Big Island. Hope you enjoy the footage. {mos_fb_discuss:5}


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