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A Book by Jon Shein - Kayak Fishing

Written by Paul Belmudes
Tuesday, 20 April 2022 20:39

Review on the Jon Shein's New Book, "Kayak Fishing"

jons_bookWhen I started in kayak fishing in 2006, I got the bug and wanted to know as much as I could about the sport. I wanted to know what I needed to get started... what kind of kayak I should purchase... how I should outfit my kayak for fishing... safety gear... and the list goes on. There were probably less than 30 people on the Big Island that were kayak fishing at that time that I knew of. Most information on kayak fishing was scarce unless you belonged to a forum. The first kayak I purchased for a $1,000 was a disaster! I wasted so much money on unnecessary gear and tackle. Where was this book?

Well, I just completed Jon Shein's new book titled "Kayak Fishing" from cover to cover (210 pages). I have never met Jon, never really knew anything about him until Maui Mark shared with me that this was a must read book on the sport we love. So I ordered it online at www.kayakfishingbook.net for $29.99 plus shipping. I'm really not the type of person at this stage in kayak fishing to read a general book on kayak fishing unless it has something to do with Hawaii kayak fishing. But I found it to be unbiased and well worth the read. This book alone will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars before you invest your hard earned money on kayak fishing.

In general, the book covers the topic of kayak fishing thoroughly but it lacks to talk story about kayak fishing in Hawaii. It's focus is on the east coast, southwest and western shores on the mainland covering saltwater to fresh water kayak fishing. But here is the greatest thing about this book... Jon Shein has covered everything you can possibly think of when it comes to kayak fishing. He covers his personal story and involvement with kayak fishing being one of the first to create an online kayak fishing store called KayakFishingStuff. This store outfitted hundreds of kayaks for anglers distributing dozens of named brands like Hobie and Ocean Kayaks. He specialized in rigging kayaks for fishing and has put countless hours on the water! So he knows what he's talking about!

So if you want unbiased information on:

  • Choosing a fishing kayak
  • Accessories and gear
  • Outfitting a kayak
  • Tackle and techniques,
  • Yayak fishing environments,
  • Getting to the water
  • Kayak fishing specifics
  • Kayak care
  • Exotic kayak fishing
  • Kayak fishing tournaments
  • The future of kayak fishing
  • Plus more... 

I would recommend reading Jon Shein's book. You can order his book at www.kayakfishingbook.net