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How to Get Started in Hawaii Kayak Fishing

Written by Paul Belmudes
Tuesday, 20 April 2022 05:46

A Video by Reggie Pare' - "Kayak Fishing - Hawaii"

A full length DVD with tips on "How to Get Started in Kayak Fishing." Shows you the equipment that you need to catch the big ones and more importantly, it shows you how to fight and land fish in a kayak.

reg_hawaiiAction filled footage taken with a headcam that puts you next to the action. Get a unique close up encounter with a whale shark. If you are experienced or just beginning to kayak fish, this video is a "must have DVD" to add to your collection. Not only will you enjoy the action, you will learn valuable secrets that Hawaiian kayak anglers don't want to share with you. And that's the truth!

Order yours today at Reggie's Website. Only $25.00 and it includes shipping. For more details visit YakFishDog.com