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Angler Warren Reeves Scores Three

Written by Paul Belmudes
Saturday, 28 November 2021 07:43

Wow......was a grind @ Keauhou.

warrenWarren Reeves was kind enough to send us a post of his productive day at Keauhou Bay. I want to share his story he emailed us.

"Finally went with it to the pier downtown- the most epic day ever for me. Lost perhaps the biggest and 3rd biggest fish I have ever had on... one on the bottom and one either a jumping shark or dolpin... both unlikely so otherwise by FAR the largest trolling and on the surface rippin' line for 2-300' fish ever. Didn't see it jump (let it run thinkin' mahi, set the hook with lots of drag and it kept rippin' laterally, looked down, a little slack and looked up to see an enormous splash. Did get a 15 ish uku.

Then trolled north and a few miles later wham, mahi, landed it, got back South to the same area and wham, mahi, landed it, trolled back and mega wham- biggest mahi I have ever seen in person, rippin'. had it on for 5-10 minutes and slack...........leader broke right above the rig. Heartbreaker, but can't be too bummed with such a great day... nice to break my lull/struggle with 2 mahi and an uku. Interesting that I saw NO fish or bait once I left Keauhou. Mahi were @ 220 -230'."

2 Mahi's and a Uku

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