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Hobie Mirage Plug-In Seat Peg and Comfort Seat

Written by Paul Belmudes
Sunday, 31 January 2022 10:00

Make Your Hobie Kayak Ride Better with These Two Additions!

I just received my new Hobie seat pegs and inflatable comfort seat pad from Austin Canoe and Kayak (www.austinkayak.com).  After installation, took out the Revo and I wanted to share my thoughts. This information will help those who own a mirage drive kayak by Hobie who still have the old seat pegs and who are looking for additional comfort for there bum.

Have you ever had the problem of moving forward in your seat, especially when having to relieve yourself and your seat pops out? It's a struggle to reach behind and insert the pegs in the right holes which leads to frustration. Has your bum ever been sore after a 10 mile plus pedal feeling like you've been sitting directly on plastic the whole time. If you have had any of those situations, these 2 products by Hobie might help you out.

For the most part, both were good investments. The new Hobie Mirage Plug-In costs $9.95 and the kit contains two pegs, enough for one seat. Adjusted properly, the seat stays in the kayak much better than with the original push in pegs. The down side is that it requires that you peel back the velcro and loosen them a bit to remove the seat.  It does add an extra step to removing the seat after a long day pedaling. This replacement is a great improvement over the original design and works excellent.

As for the installation, you must use a soldering iron to melt the velcro to increase the hole size so that the pegs can fit.  If you try to drill them out, the fabric will get caught and pull out the thread.

As for comfort on the bum, the i-Comfort Seat Pad (costs $39.95) replaces the standard foam seat pad for the Hobie Mirage.  I decided to add it under my original foam seat pad in fear of putting a fish hook and deflating the pad.  After blowing it up and being on the water, I had to decrease the air pressure because it made me feel as though I was riding to high... so adjusting is easy by adding or releasing air pressure. Overall, the new seat pad is more comfortable and requires little air to make it more comfortable when doubled up with the original seat.





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